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Spoken Language

Spoken Language



We believe that children of every age need to express themselves orally in a respectful manner, adapting their style to the purpose and audience. Spoken language skills are fundamental not only to the effectiveness of teaching and learning in all areas of the curriculum, but also for the emotional development and well-being of the pupils.



We encourage our pupils to speak clearly and confidently and articulate their views and opinions. We teach pupils how to express themselves orally in a respectful manner, matching their style and response to audience and purpose. We provide varied opportunities for listening and responding to literature, giving and receiving instructions. Pupils are provided with activities and opportunities to develop the skills of participating effectively in group discussions. The pupils will also be provided with the opportunity to take part in debate where they can practice formulating an argument and defending a viewpoint that is not their own.


Ways in which we support the development of spoken language include:

  • Activities which are planned to encourage full and active participation by all pupils, irrespective of ability
  • Pupils with specific speech and language and auditory problems are identified and specialist help sought, where appropriate
  • Subject specific vocabulary is embedded across the curriculum
  • Encouraging talk-time through ‘show and tell’ which is shared in class
  • Activities that facilitate talking about books
  • Public speaking: poetry recitals; assemblies; worship; school shows
  • Class debates
  • Events within the wider community
  • School Council
  • Drama / role play
  • PSHE and circle time



In a safe and encouraging environment, pupils develop into confident communicators who bring out the goodness in each other by listening, speaking with kindness and empathy and explaining with clarity and confidence.  pupils recognise that speaking and listening can lie at the heart of conveying character, and that through speaking and listening effectively, misunderstandings can be addressed and relationships enhanced.