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Ofsted Letter (February 2024)

‘Things have improved significantly over the last year.’


I am pleased to be able to share the letter I have received from Ofsted following our monitoring inspection on 1st February 2024. The letter is not a report; it summarises the inspector’s findings from the one-day monitoring visit and therefore cannot change the current judgment. However, it is a very positive read which captures the journey we are on and the significant progress made.


Highlights include positive statements such as:

‘Leaders have brought in clear principles for effective teaching and learning’

‘Teachers have the knowledge of strategies to effectively support pupils with special education needs and/or disabilities’

‘Pupils are becoming more confident and capable in mathematics due to increased opportunities to practice and because they are taught to explain how they arrive at their answers’


Understandably, the letter does not include all of the feedback given to senior leaders, governors, and representatives from the Local Authority and the Diocese on the day. I was particularly proud of the feedback on our Early Years Foundation Stage provision where the Inspector noted that pupils are 'well-engaged, happy and safe'. Across the wider school, the inspector commented on the adaptations in place to make the curriculum more challenging and noted that 'pupils complete tasks with confidence and discuss their learning in a knowledgeable way.'


The letter recognises that leaders at all levels, including governors, have a very strong understanding of the school and know how to improve even further. This will support our commitment to ensure that our children receive the best possible start to their education and leave us ready to take their role as confident and responsible young people, ready for the challenges and successes of their secondary education and our diverse society beyond.


Mrs Helene Bligh




Ofsted Letter from Monitoring Visit February 2024