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Sports Premium

The Government’s PE funding Spending 2017-2018

Schools in England and Wales receive money from the government to help support and improve physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools and encourage healthy lifestyles. The grant will have an enormous impact on the work that has already begun at Hever School as we passionately believe that sport provides an essential grounding for life.

Schools can choose how they use the funding but it must be used to

  • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers
  • make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years


We are therefore able to use the funding in any of the following ways as the School deems appropriate:


  • hire qualified sports coaches and PE teachers to work with teachers
  • provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively
  • introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport
  • support and involve the least active children by running or extending school sports clubs, holiday clubs and Change4Life clubs
  • run sport competitions
  • increase pupils’ participation in the School Games
  • run sports activities with other schools


Sports Premium Funding


At Hever, we believe that sport and exercise are key elements of the school day and have an impact on all childrens’ wellbeing; physical, emotional and educational. We offer a range of activities for our children such as cross country running, orienteering, rugby , hockey, cricket and football, all of which take place on the Parish Field, together with netball and tennis on our own court and PE and Judo in our school hall. Together with these activities, we have a trim trail in the playground which all children are able to use. All children have at least two hours of PE per week. We encourage children to participate in sport outside school and any achievements are acknowledged in our Worship on Monday when children are encouraged to show us their awards/ medals. These successes have a very positive effect on the children particularly those who are lacking in confidence in the classroom or socially.

We have noticed that since we have increased our physical activity at school, the children are more focussed in class and consequently our results have improved. Whilst we appreciate that this will not always be the case, we do believe that it is generally a positive contributing factor toward good behaviour and concentration in lessons.

The staff, too have also benefitted from the specialist coaches who we have employed and they are now able to transfer those skills to their own teaching.

Sports Premium Funding Quick Overview


In 2016-17 We received £8468 and spent £14,428

The table below sets out how our funding was allocated last year 


In 2017 – 2018 Hever School is due to receive £ worth of funding. The table below shows how this money has been allocated and is proposed to be spent. 



Impact of the Sports Premium


The impact of the Sports Premium on Hever Primary School has been immeasurable. Whether the children have been participating in cross country running, orienteering, rugby and hockey outside on the Parish field or performing judo indoors, the money Hever has spent on specialist teaching has given the children a breadth of expert knowledge and the confidence to approach new experiences without fear.


This confidence has transferred itself to the classroom helping us to produce a string of excellent results across the school in 2015 and 2016. Most children (80-96%) now make at least the requisite amount of progress during the academic year and a number exceed what is expected of them.


Teachers, too, have benefited from observing and joining in with this expert coaching. It has allowed staff to grow their pedagogic knowledge and ability to perform, and teach, a range of sporting skills. This has ensured that the money spent is not 'lost in the moment', rather it ensures that the impact of the Sports Premium is sustainable and will have a positive impact for years to come.






Total number of pupils on roll




Number of pupils aged 5-11 eligible for grant


Grant Information                                                    

Roll-over                                       31/03/15                           

Payment received on                19/05/15

£   0

£   3,533  

Payment received on                25/11/15

£   4,935

Total Grant

£   8,468

PE  School Budget                                                          £   2,000

Total                                                                                 £ 10,468.00


TOTAL EXPENDITURE TO APRIL 2016                        £ 14,427.86





Cost –Jan2016









Kit, Colours,

Medals, transport,































* To provide specialist PE lessons 1 hour per week to all pupils

* Provide additional support to class teacher’s delivery of PE curriculum.


* Promote competitive sporting opportunities through regional competitions and games.


* Provide a range of additional after school sports club per week.








*All pupils in Years 1-6 have received at least 1 hour per week of specialist Sports Coaching/sporting experiences  in a range sports such as Rugby, Football, Netball, Hockey, and Athletic, basketball, Judo, swimming


*Pupils have participated in a number of regional events e.g.

St Michael’s Judo Tournament, Sevenoaks School Sports Enrichment day,

Chiddingstone’s Family Football and Tag Rugby day.


*School football , tennis, netball, Judo and cross country clubs  have been made available to KS2 pupils. These have been well very attended.







We believe that P.E. is an integral part of the curriculum, allowing children to broaden their sporting experiences and competing at different levels and abilities both in and outside school.

All pupils have at least two hours plus P.E. per week, and all children are frequently taught by specialist PE coordinators and coaches. Class teachers are also coached and mentored by specialist  PE teachers.


Hever Primary School offers a large number of after school sporting activities which are open to all children and our sports teams have had success at a local and county level. We celebrate sporting achievements every Monday in Worship, (achievements inside and outside of school) pictures and trophies are proudly displayed around the school.


Judo at Hever:

Introducing Judo into our schools’ curriculum has been a very important step towards showcasing Judo to our students and introducing them to this sport which has become a legacy in our school!


The approach to the learning processes of Judo gives the children a unique experience, because it not only takes into account the physical and mental approach to the sport itself but also relates to many aspects of everyday life as well. It really has improved our children’s life balance.


The etiquette and discipline is part of the learning process but it is also an essential part of the overall ethos of sport. It should therefore be taught as part of the process. Judo is an Education for life.


Lessons and our new after school club are run by Chris Bowles, a 6th Dan and qualified BJA coach. He went on to become British Open champion in 1978 and 1980, a European silver medallist and represented Britain at the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980. Chris has also been appointed GB Men’s Lead Coach, Rio 2016.


There are Play Judo classes for children to introduce them to the fundamentals of judo. We hope to start progressing through the grading system denoted by coloured and banded belts.


Our KS2 children have enjoyed competitive experiences against St Michael’s School and we were victorious in our Judo matches.



School Colours:

Hever Primary School will award ‘Colours’ in PE and Music to a pupil who meets the following criteria:

Represents the school in an inter-school match/gala, festival or tournament. A child will be expected to represent the school for ‘the season’ or perform with other schools, choirs or orchestras to an audience wider than our school community.


  • Be a responsible and reliable member of the team/group, returning permission slips, kit and equipment on time.
  • Demonstrates commitment by attending trials, practices or rehearsals arranged.
  • High standard of behaviour.
  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm.
  • Encourage others in the team/group.
  • Shows respect to all involved.
  • A child may be awarded a ‘colour’ irrespective of their longevity at the School.
  • Colours are awarded at the discretion of the staff of Hever Primary School.




Early Years - PE is a very important part of learning and children become more confident using gross motor skills, strengthening their  body learning about space , improving co-ordination, listening, concentration , basic skills like ball skills, enjoyment and starting to be knowledgeable about how our bodies work. The children experiment different ways of movement, balance stretching and sequence with opportunities to use various pieces of apparatus. Pupils have 1 taught PE lesson inside focusing on dance, gymnastics and judo. Pupils have continual access to apparatus, bikes, scooters, balls, hoops and large building blocks.


KS1 - We encourage and motivate all KS1children to participate during the sessions and we offer a broad curriculum to enable all children to feel motivated and comfortable in all areas of P.E. These include dance, gymnastics, ball skills and judo with a continuation focus on coordination and teamwork.


KS2 - KS2 pupils follow an annual cycle which ensures they have 1 hour of dance or gymnastics and 1 hour of field sports or swimming. Swimming is taught to pupils throughout Key Stage 2 at Edenbridge leisure centre with the assistance of a TA who has Swimming Level 2 ASA Course qualification. KS2 pupils have wider opportunities to attend competitive events and tournaments outside school. The school actively supports the Edenbridge Sports Partnership and partakes in some events/competitions coordinated by the of the Sevenoaks Schools Partnership.