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Willow - Year 4

Welcome to our Willow Home Page and term 5.


We look forward to another exciting term!


Below, we have attached some Key information, including homework, for the Year group.


Best Wishes


Mrs Seymour and Mr Mastrantone



Willow Class Expectations 


MATHS HOMEWORK: Times tables


Our priority this term is to ensure the children know their times tables up to 12 x 12. The children can use a range of strategies for this.


1. Use known times tables to adapt to work out more challenging times tables. For example, if I know 10 x 8 = 80, can I use this to find 9 x 8 by subtracting 8 from 80 to find 72? Can I halve the answer to 10 x 8 to find 5 x 8? If I know 5 x 8, can I add another 8 to find 6 x 8?


2. Use memorable sayings or patterns:

-56 = 7 x 8

-The digits to the answers in the 9x tables add to make 9 (for example 9 x 9 = 81)

-There is a funny memorable saying for 8 x 8 which the children should be able to tell you.


3.Listen to times table songs. (If you look on Youtube, there are a range of fun and catchy songs to learn times tables- please check the songs, as well as the comments are appropriate for your child before playing these.)


4. Practise, practise, practise. Children should complete the soundcheck or jamming on TT Rockstars, 3 times a week and play a 4th time on a game of their choice. They will also be responsible for recording this on the TT Rockstars leader board in the classroom. Please see the previous parentmail explaining how to set your child their times tables on 'Jamming.'

Here are some other useful websites:

(This has a wide range of games the children can play.)

(This replicates most closely to the test the children will be carrying out.)



Children should read 15 minutes each night and this should be recorded in their reading record. When the children have read they move their own name up the reading ladder.



English homework will be set each Friday on Atom Learning, to be completed by the following Friday. Tasks set will reflect learning we have completed in class. 



Spelling lessons will take place on Friday with Mr Mastrantone. Spelling lists will be sent home via Parent Mail. 



Please could children bring a water bottle and a healthy snack to school every day.

Children are expected to come to school in correct uniform, including PE kit on PE days.

If your child wears shoes with laces please practise tying them.



This page was updated Wednesday 19th April 2023