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TUESDAY - 5.1.21


Log on to the class Zoom call ready for an 8.45am start.



 1. Complete the handwriting practice sheet. If you can't print it then you can copy the words onto your own lined paper.



 1. Read the poem

 2. Look at the PowerPoint or revision cards of adverbs of possibility to remind yourself of what they are.

 3. Complete the adverbs of possibility sentences.

 4. Think about the the future. What possibilities could there be? What can you be certain about?

 5. Fill in the table of certainty about your future. What will perhaps or possible happen? What will maybe and surely happen? What will certainly and definitely happen?

 6. Try turning some of your ideas into a poem. Use the example to help you.


Log on to the class Zoom call ready for an 10.30am start.


Maths Fluency:

 1. Complete the questions on the lesson starter powerpoint. Don't worry if you can't complete all of them. have a go at what you can do.



 1. Join the Zoom.

 2. Use the lesson starter powerpoint for lesson explanation (with answers).

 3. Watch this video for further help and questions: Week 8 - Number: Multiplication & Division | White Rose Maths

 4. Complete questions 1-5 of the multiples main activity worksheet below.

 5. Extension 1 - questions 6-7 of the multiples main activity worksheet.

 6. Extension 2 - multiples reasoning and problem solving.

 7. Use the answer sheet to mark your work.

 8. If you have time you can do 20 minutes of TT Rock Stars.



Log on to the class Zoom call ready for an 1pm start.



 1. Log on to the Zoom.

 2. Look at the Powerpoint to remind / help you with your work.

 3. Activity: Find out more about an animal species which is critically endangered (such as the red wolf or the black rhinoceros). Make a poster about the animal species. Present it beautifully!

Include the following information about:

why they are endangered;
where they live;
what they eat;
what has been done already to help save them from extinction;
what more we can do to help them.



 You don't have to complete all of the activities - choose the ones you would like to do in the 40 minutes given.

1 – Practise reading the words in the word list.

 2 - See how many you can read in a minute. Mark where you got up to.

 3 – Read the poem and underline the words containing the pattern letters.

 4 – Practise writing - use 10 words from the word list to write a short story.

 5 – Draw a picture of the story.

 6 – Build your word power – choose 5 of the trickiest words and rainbow write them using a different colour for each letter.

7 - Practise the trickier word list and test yourself at the end of the week.