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Tuesday 12.1.21


Log on to the class Zoom call ready for an 8.45am start.



 1. Complete the handwriting practise sheet. If you can't print it then you can copy the words onto your own lined paper.



 1. Create your own super hero.

Where did they come from?

What can they do?

What crimes have they stopped?

Where do they live?

How are they vulnerable?


 2. Write five relative clause sentences about them.

Here are some ideas to help you:

When faced with danger, _______________________________________________________, he does not hesitate.

The city, _______________________________________________________, is protected by her.

The criminals, _______________________________________________________, fear his presence.

His weapons, _______________________________________________________, are used for protection.

Their powers, _______________________________________________________, are superhuman.


Try to use a range of relative pronouns: which, who, where, when, whose, that



 1. Join the Zoom - 10.30 am.

 2. Fluent in 5.

 3. Lesson starter - Cube numbers.

 4. Complete questions - pages 1 and 2.

 5. Extension questions - page 3.

 6. Use the answer sheet to mark your work.

 7. If you have time you can do 20 minutes of TT Rock Stars.


Log on to the class Zoom call ready for an 1pm start.


A Life on Our Planet - Eliminate Waste

 1 - Go through the presentation to learn about eliminating waste.

 2 - Create a poster advertising 'Reduce, Re-use, Recycle'.



 1 – Practise reading the words in the word list.

 2 - See how many you can read in a minute. Mark where you got up to.

 3 – Practise writing - use 10 words from the word list to write a short story/paragraph.

 4 – If there are any words you don’t understand, look up their meaning.