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Homelearning Tasks

Britain 1945 to present day (changes in technology) 

How has communication changed from 1945 to present day? Create a poster illustrating some of the important inventions that have improved communication nationally and internationally.

Write a persuasive letter which either encourages schools to invest in technology or highlights the risks of too much technology in schools.

Design your own invention to improve communication globally. What is the issue you are resolving and how are you going to do this?

Research post-war immigration and emigration. Why was it so important and what was the impact on the population of Britain?

Write a newspaper article about the impact of technology on home learning and home working.

Create your own topical radio or television show regarding an issue that is important to you. Record a clip and send it to Mrs Hendy



In addition to the tasks below, I would like you to make a board game based on the theme 'Escape down the Amazon river'. 

The game should include some geographical questions about the area. Please think about box and board design and clear, concise rules. It would be wonderful if you could then have a go at playing the game with your family!



Create a map showing where all the rainforests of the world are located.

Research the layers of the rainforest and create an information poster showing these layers.

Study an animal from the rainforest. How has it adapted to the rainforest habitat?

Create a fact file about the Amazon river, include information about Francisco de orellana’s exploration of the area.

Write a newspaper article about deforestation. Ensure that you have considered the reasons for and against.

Look at the Spirit of the Rainforest page on the Eden Project Website -  to get inspiration and then get creative with your own artwork.