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Learning Spanish at Hever

Acting Spanish Lead: Mrs Draper

At Hever Primary School, we are proud to offer Spanish as part of your child's programme of study; studying a second language from a young age is extremely effective at improving the language ability of young people later in life.  Furthermore, learning by listening to, reading, writing, and speaking Spanish allows children to experience the language and culture of Spain and Latin America.  Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language in the world and is even spoken in many parts of the USA!  Speaking Spanish will give your children a huge advantage for their future.  


Spanish is taught in in Years 3 through 6, with a wide range of topics covered from weather to animals to school to holidays.   Our aim is that by the time our children leave in Year 6, they will have mastered basic Spanish conversation and be fully prepared for their language learning in secondary school.  We have intentionally decided to focus more on conversation (speaking and listening) in these primary years so that your children are confident to express themselves orally in a foreign language.  As a former Spanish teacher at secondary level, your subject lead is well-placed to confirm the strong writing focus from Year 7 onwards needs to be complimented by a strong speaking focus at KS2.  


In non-COVID years, this language learning will be accompanied by a trip to Seville in Spain where the children will be able to put their skills into practice.  See the skyscape of Seville below!

Extra resources:

Attached below are a number of resources you can use to compliment our school Spanish learning at home:

1) From BBC Teach there are episodes of the KS2 television series "Virtually There".

2) On the BBC Bitesize website there are:

  • Spanish recipes to cook.
  • Spanish songs to sing. 
  • Spanish stories to read and hear.
  • Spanish craft ideas.
  • Cultural videos about the Spanish-speaking world....
  • ....and much, much more.

3) Crickweb has some Spanish games on different topics.


Finally, don't forget to watch Peppa Pig in Spanish ("en castellano") with your children on You Tube to improve their (and your!!) understanding. ¡¡Buena Suerte y adios!!

Updated 19.11.21