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Oak - Year 6

Sentence Stacking Lesson


Tomorrow morning, Jane Considine from The Training Space, will de delivering a sentence stacking lesson through her YouTube channel. This is how we teach the children in class and would be a great opportunity for English home learning.


Please follow the link to find out about it.

Write Stuff Sentence Stacking Lesson


The lesson begins at 9:45am each morning through the Training Space YouTube Channel. Please find the link below.

Training Space YouTube Channel - Live Lesson

Reading lessons


As well as using Bug Club online, the children can practise their reading skills through 'Reciprocal Reading,' our method of developing reading in the classroom. Reciprocal Reading requires the children to choose a book that they will enjoy reading and then focuses on four key skills (summarising, predicting, clarifying and questioning). We have attached a Reciprocal Reading sheet, bookmarks and skill cards to support the children with this strategy at home. Furthermore, please find the '100 books to read before you leave Hever' list, as well as certificates that you can allocate based on how many books the children have read. 

Most importantly, read for enjoyment! 



White Rose Maths have now provided home learning for every year group. Please complete these tasks.


Computing lessons


Please read this document with information and links for Computing lessons at home.

Mayan Civilisations - Home learning


Investigate Mayan jobs and then write a diary entry for a day in the life of one of these jobs

Research Mayan inventions and make a poster about these. Include pictures, diagrams and information

Study the Mayan Gods and then design your own. Why would the Mayans worship your God?

Create a map of the Mayan civilisations. Where in the world were they located? What are the countries names in the present day?

Research Chichen Itza – create a travel brochure and build a model of it in any form you choose. Get creative!

Create a Mayan feast and interview your family about their likes and dislikes.

Home Learning Tasks WW2


Design and build your own airplane. How far can you make it fly? What materials did you use?


Create a map showing where children were evacuated from and to in England.


Research and write a biography about a famous person from WW2

Science & Technology

Research rationing and write a menu using those ingredients. Have a go at making it!


Draw and explain the things you would have taken with you if you were evacuated


Write a newspaper report about the evacuation to Hever village

Home Learning Work and Information

Please find links for the websites we use in school to support children’s learning. The children will have their logins and should use these to access the work set. If in the event you are already self-isolating please email the Office to request your child’s logins. All children in school will be sent home with their logins today.

In addition, please see the task board of project based learning linked to the class topic for your child to complete.

I ask that the children, however, complete the SATs practise and past papers before completing additional work.

Active Learn – Bug Club

Please use this for reading books and grammar learning

School code: 6jqa



Maths learning


Times Tables Rockstars




Pupil accounts:

Tablet edition

username: eg6380

swipe code: A capital 'L' shape starting at top left


Home-school account

username: eg6380

password: home




Diagnostic Questions

Maths questions

Celebration of Oak's home learning 


Please be proud of your home learning and send us pictures to keep us up to date. Please remember that sharing your learning helps and inspires others.

Send a picture of your learning to and we will upload it for yo

Tom is learning about WW2

Tom is learning about WW2 1
Tom is learning about WW2 2

Jenson and Felix code cracking with their neighbours

Jenson and Felix code cracking with their neighbours 1
Jenson and Felix code cracking with their neighbours 2

Tom working on his home learning

Tom working on his home learning 1

Ethan is studying hard!

Ethan is studying hard!  1
Ethan is studying hard!  2
Ethan is studying hard!  3
Ethan is studying hard!  4

Henry and Bella are working hard at home

Henry and Bella are working hard at home 1
Henry and Bella are working hard at home 2
Henry and Bella are working hard at home 3
Henry and Bella are working hard at home 4

Imogen is making candles for STEM

Imogen is making candles for STEM 1

Jenson and Felix keeping body and mind healthy

Jenson and Felix keeping body and mind healthy 1
Jenson and Felix keeping body and mind healthy 2

Art from Ethan

Art from Ethan 1
Art from Ethan 2
Art from Ethan 3

Evan loving his computing

Evan loving his computing 1

Bella and Henry get scientific

Bella and Henry get scientific 1
Bella and Henry get scientific 2

Ethan's DT

Ethan's DT 1

Dear Year 6,


As SATs are fast approaching, please complete all of the past papers. New past papers will be added frequently.


Many thanks


Mrs Hendy

Hints and Tips for taking SATs


  • Highlight the important parts of the question
  • Estimate the answer (maths)
  • Refer back to the text (reading)
  • If it's tricky, draw a piccy! (maths)
  • If the question is tough, put a star next to the question number and come back to it when you have finished the rest of the test
  • Check your answers - did you really answer the question? Always use all the spare time at the end of a test to check, check, check!
  • Never, ever leave a question unanswered - just have a go


Remember - you are doing your best and you are all amazing, wonderful individuals who deserve to shine!



Recommended Reading List for Y6

Recommended Reading List for Y6+

Take a look at some of the learning links below:
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