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Oak visit Temper Temper Chocolate!

Yesterday we went to Temper Temper for a chocolate workshop to learn about how the Mayan civilisation used cocoa beans. We ground down cocoa nibs using a pestle and mortar; made Mayan masks using chocolate and sweets; hung truffle mixture over our heads and rolled them into delicious treats with sprinkles; heard stories from the past; and tasted lots of different types of chocolate! We had a wonderful morning and learnt a huge amount.


Here are just a few of the things we learnt:


- The Mayans used cocoa beans for currency
- Many 'chocolate bars' are actually confectionary, not chocolate, because they use palm oil instead of cocoa butter
- There are four official chocolates (white, milk, dark and ruby) which we were lucky enough to try. Not many people enjoyed the ruby chocolate!
- The Mayans ate the sweet flesh from the cocoa pods and used the beans to make a bitter drink flavoured with chilli
- Slaves were sold for cocoa beans
- The first chocolate bars were made much more recently (around 180 years ago)
- One small square of white chocolate has 1 teaspoon of sugar!
- Cocoa beans were used for medicine
- We should buy Fairtrade chocolate