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Chestnut - Spaghetti Towers and Balloon Rockets

The Science:


Spaghetti and Marshmallow Towers:

A successful tower will include triangles in the design. Triangles are inherently rigid. This means that when we apply a force to them, they don’t change shape. In contrast, when we apply a force to a shape such as a square, it can be deformed into a parallelogram. Doubling up strands of spaghetti helps to strengthen the structure. Digging the spaghetti deeper into the marshmallow makes a sturdier joint. Civil engineers and architects are often asked to create tall towers and must think carefully about their foundations and shape. We worked well as teams and had a taste of civil engineering!


Balloon Rockets:

When we blew up the balloon, we filled it with particles of gas. They bounced around inside the balloon, creating pressure. When we released the air from the balloon, it exited quickly, creating a forward motion called thrust. In a real rocket, the engines create huge amounts of thrust from burning rocket fuel, ejecting gases to propel the rocket into space. WE ARE ROCKET SCIENTISTS!