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A Mystery in Acorn Class

Our theme this week in Acorn class has been ‘All about me’, we’ve learnt about our bodies, our feelings, families and things we like a dislike. On Wednesday after we had listened to the Gingerbread man story and drawn pictures about it we went into the kitchen to bake our very own Gingerbread men. We learnt which ingredients we needed, the method and then we set to work, mix, smell and mould. We put it in the oven and went back to class. 12 minutes later Mrs S went to fetch them out of the oven and OH MY GOODNESS!!! Mrs S and Ms Child’s gingerbread man had escaped!! We telephoned the office and tried to think, very quickly, what we could do. So we went to Magnolia class, and to Miss Stratton’s office to report the missing Gingerbread man. We had no luck, although we did find a crumb trail near the printer. Hmm where could he be?? He is a fast runner and none of us could catch him. If you spot him please let the Acorn class know.