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Monday 18.1.21


Log on to the class Zoom call ready for an 8.45am start.




 1 - Look closely at the front cover of Paradise Garden. What do you notice? What do you think might happen in the book?

 2 - Look at the page titled ‘First Page’.

 3 - Complete the ‘First Page Noises’ activity, finding vocabulary to describe the sounds of the object.

 4 - Find at least eight words for each object.

 5 - In the last box choose your own object from the page.



 1. Join the Zoom - 10.30 am.

 2. Fluent in 5.

 3. Lesson starter - Multiply 4 digits by 1 digit.

 4. Chose the level of worksheet you think you are capable of answering. If you are unsure, ask me in the zoom. Push yourself - I know what you are capable of and will be looking to see that in your work submitted.

 5. Use the answer sheet to mark your work.

 6. If you have time you can do 20 minutes of TT Rock Stars.


Log on to the class Zoom call ready for an 1pm start.


 1 - Read the ‘Parts of a Flower’ information: (BELOW IS A PDF VERSION OF THE INFORMATION IF YOU CAN'T OPEN THE LINK).

 2 - Use the ‘Parts of a Flower’ information to write about each part of the plant. You don’t need to copy all of the information, just select the most important parts.



 1 – Practise reading the words in the word list.

 2 - See how many you can read in a minute. Mark where you got up to.

 3 – Practise writing - use 10 words from the word list to write a short story/paragraph.

 4 – If there are any words you don’t understand, look up their meaning.