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Chestnut - Year 5

Sentence Stacking Lesson


Tomorrow morning, Jane Considine from The Training Space, will de delivering a sentence stacking lesson through her YouTube channel. This is how we teach the children in class and would be a great opportunity for English home learning.


Please follow the link to find out about it.

Write Stuff Sentence Stacking Lesson


The lesson begins at 9:45am each morning through the Training Space YouTube Channel. Please find the link below.

Training Space YouTube Channel - Live Lesson

Computing lessons


Please read this document with information and links for Computing lessons at home.

Bear Grylls challenge... 100 things to do in the 'Great Indoors'

How many do you think you will be able to do? Share your attempts and successes by emailing the chestnut class email. Follow the link below...




White Rose Maths have released some home learning with activities and answers, as well as some additional resources to support subject knowledge. The problems of the day also have Powerpoints to show workings and methods. Please take a look at the links below.

Easter Maths

Great Chestnut Bake Off!!

An Easter treat is just what we need right now! You are challenged to make a tasty treat with an Easter theme to feed the members of your household. Alongside your tasty treat I would like for you to create a persuasive poster/advert or compose a letter to persuade me to consider your efforts to be the best!


You may be thinking baking needs to be a cake or biscuits, but other savoury alternatives could be just as good.


Who will be the winner? Here is the marking criteria: Things to consider

  1. Can you persuade me to be tempted to ‘virtually’ taste your delicious treats?
  2. How tempting do they look? (Design and creativity)
  3. How relevant are they to Easter? (Sticking to the theme)
  4. Reviews from members of your household to verify the tastiness of your efforts! (Yummy factor scoring)


Photographs are a must! Don’t forget, you can’t win if you don’t enter.

A treat will be coming your way if you are the winner!

Entries must reach the Chestnut Class email by 5pm on Wednesday 1st April, this must include all of the required information as listed above in the box. Please read the instructions carefully.

The Great Chestnut Bake Off 2020

And the winners are....... (after much deliberation)

Farrah and Ben!

Well done to you all on your efforts. I was thoroughly impressed with how lovely they looked, and was definitely left licking my lips! Mission accomplished!


Winners... your prizes have been delivered! Enjoy, and Happy Easter.

Easter Activities

Prodigy leaderboard so far...

Prodigy leaderboard so far... 1
Prodigy leaderboard so far... 2 As of 30th March 2020
Prodigy leaderboard so far... 3 Our first long distance Kahoot!

 Celebration of Chestnut's home learning



Please be proud of your home learning and send us pictures to keep us up to date. Please remember that sharing your learning helps and inspires others.

Send a picture to me at


Thank you Mia... Great work!


The Blue Umbrella different from the rest, grey surrounding him, sadness and dark. Except for him smiling without a care in the world. He felt happy and alive while the world was asleep. In the corner of his eye he could see something amazing, someone like him. Someone that stood out. It was a bright red umbrella, she was shiny as if she had been polished with the best polish ever made. She was someone that stood out. Side by side, not quite touching. They stood.


Day 3:

Name: Mia    age :10       chunk 5




Just as he was starting to get used to healthy eating she left. It all kind of happened so fast one minute she was there, the next she wasn’t. Dad said to Winston while stuffing his face with crisps “it wasn’t my fault was it?” Winston turned his head to the side, the smell of spaghetti filled his nose, his mouth watering in delight. “ohh all right Winston you can have some.”  Every day from then on the dog was spoilt; one night it was pizza, another macaroni cheese all being piled high like a sky scraper not just any sky scraper the tallest one in the world. The dog was in heaven …

More from Mia!

More from Mia! 1
More from Mia! 2

A fantastic draft and edit Farrah, what a lovely piece of writing. Well done!



Sophie: Day 2

Sophie: Day 2  1
Well done Sophie, what lovely composition! It is now ready for an edit of those basic spellings wink 

Ben - making the most of the time at home!

Charlie's Topic and English learning so far...

Charlie's Topic and English learning so far... 1
Charlie's Topic and English learning so far... 2

The Blue umbrella

By Ellie Turner

A blue umbrella noticed a bright red umbrella glowing in the rain next to him, he was captivated. The red umbrella went off with her owner so the blue umbrella felt disappointed and sad, he wanted to see her again. So he flew off to find her but got hit by a bus and fell onto the ground with a great big thud upside down. The blue umbrella then got stuck in a drain and the cars went by him and one of the cars ran him over. Then suddenly his owner came along and saw him so he got him out of the drain. He was so pleased to see him he gave him a big hug. The blue owner and the bright red umbrellas owners  fell in love as so did the umbrellas.

Ellie working hard...

Harrison's hard work at home: Well done Harrison!

Ava's home learning

Ava's home learning 1

Great effort Lola!

Poppy working and playing hard!

Poppy working and playing hard! 1
Poppy working and playing hard! 2

Lilly and her masterpiece!

Home Learning Work and Information

Please find links for the websites we use in school to support children’s learning. The children will have their logins and should use these to access the work set. If in the event you are already self-isolating please email the Office to request your child’s logins. All children in school will be sent home with their logins today.

In addition, please see the task board of project based learning linked to the class topic for your child to complete.




Please use this for reading books and grammar learning

School code: 6jqa



Maths learning


Times Tables Rockstars




Pupil accounts:

Tablet edition

username: eg6380

swipe code: A capital 'L' shape starting at top left


Home-school account

username: eg6380

password: home




Diagnostic Questions

Maths questions

Outdoor Adventure Residential