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Chestnut - Year 5

Welcome to Term 3



Our learning for this term:


How is our country changing?


Term 6 learning

The children will focus on localised geography and in particular the impact of the recent storms and floods within the local area. We will look at the damage caused by bodies of water and identify what has been done to protect our homes, communities and lives in the most recent of years. We will extend this learning further to incorporate a study of the United Kingdom, including the identification of countries, counties, towns and villages; identifying geographical regions and their human and physical characteristics as well as the key topographical features of these regions. We will undertake some field work investigations and become competent explorers through using the 8 points of a compass.



Our text this term will 'Float' by Daniel Miyares. This text is a picture book that explores the the life of:

" A boy. A boat. A rainy day. An adventure".

We will be using this book as a stimulus for both non-fiction and narrative writing styles, creating weather reports and newspaper articles relating to floods as well as writing a suspense story based on the wonderful illustrations shown in the book.  



Spelling lists have been sent home in your child's journal book. The lists have been carefully selected to improve key areas of weakness that have been identified. Weekly tests will be on Thursdays.



Our Maths learning this term will be focussing on Number, beginning with Addition and Subtraction. 

With reference to arithmetic/fluency, daily sessions are timetabled to focus on the application of prior knowledge in all areas of the curriculum. These tasks enable the children to embed their learning of recall into context.




Our unit of study for Science this term is ‘Properties of Materials’. This area of learning will take place in both the classroom and our wonderful outdoor learning spaces. Therefore please can I ask that the following items are kept in school at all times in a labelled bag. 

Your child will need:

  • Long trousers
  • Long sleeved top
  • Waterproof layers
  • Suitable outdoor footwear


If you have any hand tools that your child can use for this project, we would invite the children to bring them into school at their earliest convenience. Please ensure that they are labelled clearly.




Please can I ask that a PE kit remains in school all week. 

PE specialist sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons but an additional session will be taught during the week at another time.



This term your child/ren will be issued with a variety of homework tasks. It is vital that topic based homework tasks are completed and available for collaborative review sessions, which will be on Thursday afternoons. In addition to this, weekly Maths and English tasks will be set to embed learning concepts and offer greater enrichment opportunities to support their classwork. Maths and English tasks will be set on a Monday and the children will have one week to complete these tasks, handing in their work on Monday mornings. The homework tasks are set to support in class learning and we are grateful of your support to assist with these opportunities. 

Maths homework will be using the Power Maths practice books. Please encourage your child/ren to show their jottings in the book and where possible complete this independently. Should you offer any support to your child, please document this in the practice book, so we can see if we need to offer any additional learning support with the area of study.  

Additional home learning tasks should be:

  • Daily reading and comprehension
  • Times tables: ALL children by the end of Year 4 should know their times tables. Please ensure the fluency and recall of these facts are automatic and time is dedicated to the rehearsal of these. 


As always, Chestnut class operate an open-door policy, please do come and speak to us should you require any further support or clarification.


Kindest regards


Mrs Connolly and the Chestnut team


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