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Chestnut - Year 4/5

Welcome to Term 6



Term 6 is set to be a busy term, with lots of fun filled learning taking place. Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication of your time to help Chestnut class run as smoothly as possible, it is very much appreciated. 


Please see below, a copy a of the Newsletter for this term.


Our learning for this term



Term 6 learning

The children will continue their learning on the Ancient Civilisations, with specific focus on comparing and contrasting the lives of those who lived at that time, architecture and communication systems. The children will be having ‘first hand’ experience in the cultures and traditions of Ancient Greece and Maya by making authentic food, building and constructing architecture and investigating the influences of these times on Modern Day life.



Our texts this term will be non-fiction and from a collection of stories entitled the ‘Horrible Histories and Geography’. This links to our themed learning, of the comparison between Ancient Civilisations. The children will also be exposed to non-fiction writing this term in the form of instructions (for making Mayan Chocolate), holiday brochures and newspaper reports.  



Spelling lists have been sent home and will be published on the school website also. The lists have been carefully selected to improve key areas of weakness that have been identified. Weekly tests will be on Thursdays.




Our Maths learning this term will be focussing on Fractions, decimals and division. In addition to this, cross curricular learning of measure and shape will link with our topic.

With reference to arithmetic, daily sessions are timetabled to focus on the application of prior knowledge in all areas of the curriculum. These tasks enable the children to embed their learning of recall into context.




Our unit of study for Science this term is ‘Biomes and Natural Environments’. We will be discussing and learning what our environment needs to be sustainable and kind to our wildlife, including fairtrade. We will be using the CREST award scheme to further explore and investigate this. For these outdoor learning sessions, it is vital that the children have a change of clothes. Please ensure they have:

  • Long trousers
  • Long sleeved top
  • Waterproof layers
  • Sun protection
  • Suitable outdoor footwear


If you have any hand tools that your child can use for this project, we would invite the children to bring them into school at their earliest convenience. Please ensure that they are labelled clearly.




Please can I ask that a PE kit remains in school all week, we are having several children that are unable to take part effectively due to an absence of appropriate clothing/footwear. Thank you for your attention to this.


PE specialist sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons but an additional session will be taught during the week.



Proposed events for the term

Greek vs Maya banquet

Chocolate making workshop and communicating with authentic chocolatiers

Visit to a local supermarket/allotment/farm



As always, Chestnut class operate and open-door policy, please do come and speak to us should you require any further support or clarification.



Kindest regards


Mrs Connolly and Mrs Sorrell


Day Three

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Day 2 of Cornwall Adventure!

Day 2 of Cornwall Adventure! 1
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Day 2 of Cornwall Adventure! 3
Day 2 of Cornwall Adventure! 4
Day 2 of Cornwall Adventure! 5
Day 2 of Cornwall Adventure! 6
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Outdoor Adventure Residential

Outdoor Adventure Residential 1
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Outdoor Adventure Residential 9
Outdoor Adventure Residential 10
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Dates to remember

Tuesdays - Homework review

Thursdays - Spelling and Times table tests



On Tuesdays, Chestnut class will have Judo sessions with Chris, followed by Specialist coaching by Richard on Wednesday afternoons. Please ensure full PE kits are available, in school, at these times.