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Chestnut - Year 4/5

Day Three

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Day 2 of Cornwall Adventure!

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Outdoor Adventure Residential

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Welcome to Chestnut Class

Happy New Year! This term promises to be a busy one full of excitement, dedication and fantastic learning. Here is an overview of Term 3.



Text of the term: 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman

The story of a young girl, with a big dream, the biggest dream of all... to be a Firework Maker. A dream that is not supported by her devoted father. A relationship that is tested in her quest to reach her goal. Unknown to Lila, firework-making is not just about being able to make Crackle-Dragons and Golden Sneezes. There is also one special secret: every Firework-Maker must make a perilous journey to face the terrifying Fire-Fiend!
Our writing takes us on a journey to explore the emotional relationship between Lila and her loving father. We will be writing diary entries and through innovation, we will be designing and creating persuasive poster campaigns for a new creation; a firework to make Lila proud. 

This text will also be used to help support the development of our reading for meaning. Developing reasons and justifications based on evidence from the text. Looking closely, behind the words to uncover hidden meanings and inferences. 


The Firework Maker's Daughter video BBC Teach



Maths learning this term will see us completing the skills of adding and subtracting. Within this unit of study, key skills will continue to be developed:

  • Rapid recall of number facts
  • Mastering mental strategies to calculate efficiently
  • Conceptually understanding the value of exchanging
  • Rounding to the nearest 1000, 100 and 10
  • Using the inverse operation to check and prove their solutions
  • Estimating the answers through making links to calculating and rounding.


Please note that in line with our 'keep up' rationale in class, flexibly grouped interventions will take place daily/weekly in some cases to ensure that consistent progress is made through the learning topics. In some instances, additional 'practise' work could be sent home to revise and further develop your child's understanding. This will be reviewed and monitored daily and is aimed to offer targeted support when needed. 

Please see the links below to support your child's ongoing progression in Maths:

Diagnostic questions:

Rounding video

Worksheet generator to support the learning of times tables


The robots are coming to town!

This term is all about innovation, seeking inspiration from those who are famous for creating or reinventing concepts to support and assist our daily lives. Our term begins with a biography review of inventors old and new. We will be delving into the lives of those who have been successful inventors (before us) and evaluate their successes, and indeed their failures, which has supported them receiving the title of a top inventor. 

Chestnut class will then develop their STEM projects by underpinning their invention mind sets with key learning on Electricity. They will be building circuits and unpicking misconceptions around this topic. Trialling and testing key functional movements will be explored through Science and Computing areas of the Curriculum. 

Keep an eye on the gallery pages to see our success stories...

We are top business leaders of tomorrow!

Our children of Chestnut Class are amazing entrepreneurs...


A staggering total of over £326 profit (to date) has been raised to subsidise their residential trip in April. Wow!

The children have paid back the set up loans (begrudgingly) to Mrs Rogers, and have also reimbursed the generous donations of parents/family members; to be left with a rather impressive collective profit total! 

More events to run this term, including a 'Tuck Shop'. The children wish to turn their Christmas Party goodies into profit! We will keep you posted on the profit total with each event. 


Thank you in advance for your continued support. 

Dates to remember

Tuesdays - Homework review

Thursdays - Spelling and Times table tests



On Tuesdays, Chestnut class will have Judo sessions with Chris, followed by Specialist coaching by Richard on Wednesday afternoons. Please ensure full PE kits are available, in school, at these times. 

Homework for Term 3